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Our office has been serving Leavenworth County for almost 25 years. In doing so, we have established a reputation for providing a consistent and positive experience for all of the patients that visit our office.
From the initial phone call to schedule an appointment, to the moment you leave our practice, we guarantee to exceed your expectations for dental service.
Our dentists, Dr Filliman and Dr Nowlin, are both extensively trained in all aspects of dentistry and work together with a staff that is experienced in providing a quality experience that is both gentle and personal in nature.

Dr. Timothy Filliman



3D Diagnostic

Galileos Digital
Implant Planning

Clear Correct

  • Crowns- At Filliman Dental, we understand that in today’s society, our patients time is very valuable. That is why our patients are always impressed and relieved at the concept of receiving a crown restoration all in one appointment. No more finicky temporary crowns, gagging impressions, or uncomfortable second visits! Better results in less time.

  • 3D Diagnostic Imaging- Our office has invested in the latest imaging technology available, giving us the ability to diagnose conditions that are overlooked on traditional 2-D X-rays. This gives our office the ability to treat underlying conditions before they become more emergent problems.

  • Galileos Digital Implant Planning- By integrating digital technologies, sites of missing teeth can now be viewed in 3D to ensure the proper planning of dental implants for the best possible prognosis. From multiple implants, to replacement of a single tooth, our team has the tools make this a seamless procedure.

  • Clear Correct Aligners- Often times, the limiting factor in a patients decision to pursue straightening their teeth, is the unattractive idea of metal braces. At Filliman Dental, we offer an alternative to metal braces that is low profile, discreet and virtually invisible.This retainer like, clear aligner therapy, utilizes a series of aligners, changed out every 2 weeks, to slowly move your teeth into a more ideal position. The aligners can also be removed, as to not interfere with daily activities such as eating or brushing your teeth.