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Same Day Crowns
The dental crowns of old are often times regarded as unnatural looking, detracting from the beauty of a patient’s smile. With today’s wide range of materials and cements available, we can more accurately match the color and appearance of your natural teeth to seamlessly blend the restoration to fit your smile. By utilizing CEREC technology, our dentists will have full control of the color and contour of your new restoration, that you get to see come to life, directly, chairside.

When Do I Need A Crown?

  • To protect and strengthen weak or broken tooth
  • To restore severely decayed teeth
  • To hide unattractive teeth
  • To cosmetically enhance a smile
  • To complete a dental bridge
  • To protect a tooth after root canal therapy

At Filliman Dental, we understand that in today’s society, our patients time is very valuable. That is why our patients are always impressed and relieved at the concept of receiving a crown restoration all in one appointment. No more finicky temporary crowns, gagging impressions, or uncomfortable second visits! Better results in less time.

If you are I need of a dental crown, call us today! We are confident it will be the most seamless crown procedure you have ever experience. 913-682-5615. Serving the Lansing and Leavenworth area.